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Creations of innate intricacy are a testament to what human hands can make - be it a planet escaping spaceship or artifacts of surreal beauty. A less endorsed example of such creation are Handmade Carpets.It is hard to imagine the perseverance of skilled artisans who dedicate weeks if not months of their lives to bring character to the yarn with their steady hands and unparalleled skill that leaves no room for imperfection. 

 When it's ready , this creation finds its final resting place at one's abode and renders the room or that place an aura of enchantment  - which varies with each design and the character of the carpet! 

Thought and Innovation :

The journey of a carpet from threads and fiber to a furnishing of beauty begins beyond the simple raw material -  it begins with an idea. The designers ruminate on a concept and visualize the design that needs to go into the  carpet. It is drawn on graph paper where each square represents one knot. Outlines are filled in with paint to represent the detail in shades. The final sketch helps identify the pattern of the carpet, and which color each knot should be in. Printed designs are traced and marked to the most intricate detail. Colors, ratios, number of knots, and techniques are prescribed  to a group of weavers to convey the desired effect. Now, the designs are ready for weaving. 

Dyeing the yarn

Dyeing the yarn comes next which involves stretching the yarn across the poles laid on the edges of a large round vessel. This is a traditional method and the yarn is repeatedly submerged into the dye to ensure the colour is even. Once dyed, the yarns are steamed, washed and dried in the sunlight.


The hand-knotting process can leave you spell bound. It is easy to become hypnotized by the rhythmic movement of the weaver’s fingers as they work the loom. Once the loom is set up, the vertical threads are tied on to the loom which is called a warp. These threads eventually become the fringe of the rug. Knot by knot, inch by inch, the weaver works meticulously till the pattern is complete. A color change in the pattern means a new thread -  a new starting!

Hand Knotting

Depending on the carpet size, design and pattern, a fine hand-knotted carpet can take months to complete. The finest cotton, silk and wool are used in the making of a Hand-knotted Rug. The weaver uses a hooked knife to cut the knot to then tie the knot with his or her hands, and finishes the process by securing and tightening the rows of knots together with a comb-like tool. 

Hand-knotting is the most intricate and labour-intensive carpet weaving process in use today. It requires good hand-eye coordination, dexterity of hand, steady temperament and not surprisingly, a little soul. There is a distinct artistic harmony to this skill, which seems to bind the soul of the weaver to the rug. This is why each rug holds an individuality that is difficult to reproduce ever again. Now you know why a knotted rug takes much longer to create and are more expensive than other types of rugs like machine made or handwoven ones.

Final finishing

The finished carpet is taken off from the loom after which the designs and patterns are trimmed using scissors. The carpet is checked for dimensions and against colour, pile quality and detail. After which it is cut to the desired size and polished in a process we refer to as shearing. Boundaries between patterns are trimmed and cleared up while pile lines are sorted by hand. There are different kinds of finishes like textured, saxony, cut pile, loop pile. All of these add depth and distinction to the carpet. Surging of the carpet defines its finished size. A craftsman loops the yarn around the edges effectively marking the final steps in the making of a Hands carpet.

Carpet washing

Lastly, the carpet is washed by soaking it in water and then the water is squeezed out which removes the dirt and any surplus dye. This way the carpet is washed several times until all the dust, detergent, dirt and yarn particles are removed. The rug washers then use a wood plank, sharpened on one edge, to force the water through the rug pile. This removes impurities picked up during the creation process. The rug then lies in the sunlight until it is completely dry to stabilise the colours. The natural light also serves a dual purpose to allow the colours to fade in and bring in that natural hue that adds character to the design.


The journey of the hand-knotted carpet now comes to an end once it is packed for shipping to various parts of the globe. Beyond the obvious craftsmanship, each carpet emboies the passion and soul that each of the skilled artists put into the making of their product. It takes a keen eye for detail and some measure of love in the arts for one to appreciate and understand the ardour and rigorous work that has gone into making each carpet. By now, if you wish to experience for yourself one such result of an amazing journey of passion and creativity that will bring character to your living room ,  you can choose the one that best suits your taste from our collection.