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One thing that enhances the beauty of Taj-Mahal is the baroque and distinct marble inlay work seen on it. From the time of Mughals, till date, Craftspeople in Agra, which is home to “Monument of Love”, continue to be famed for their intricate work of marble engraving with patterns inlaid in stone, both precious and other.


This Florentine craft of Pietra Dura, Pietradura where Pietra stands for stone and dura stands for anything hard, was introduced to India by expert craftsmen brought in by the Mughal Emperor from Persia, their adaptation locally called pacchi kari ( the marble inlay work ).The Parchin Kari art involves very minute and precise inlay work and is quite expensive and very graceful with intricate labor. 


India is not only a country which is rich in all types of marbles but also takes the pride of owning assets of craftsmen carrying ages of experience in the stream of marble crafts and are noted for their excellent skills.


Marble inlay is a closely protected traditional art which is laborious and requires lot of tolerance and perfection in the work, at the same time it is highly rewarding . The delicate process involves carefully cutting and engraving marble shapes by hand.


The most interesting fact about this art is that even now the artisans use the same kind of tools as used in the 16th and 17th century for this work. Also using the same sort of stones, which are not only genuine but they give real look of the past era.

Inlay Center


Inlay work begins with a design – a floral or geometrical motif is used as the base – which is cut out on a brass sheet. It is then placed on marble and drawn, once done, the marble is carved out.

Hand Cutting and shaping  


Depending on the design, the coloured stones of different shades are cut delicately with hands to precisely fit into the grooves.


The stones get fine shape with the help of emery wheel, where each part is shaped individually.

Types of stones 


There is a non-exhaustive list of the types of natural precious and semi precious stones that are used for inlay on marble:


Malachite Ston   

Sang-a- Mariam Stone 

Tiger Eye Stone

Jasper Stone

Lapis Lazuli Stone



Carnelian Stone

Green Aventurine Stone

Also - Agate, Bloodstone, Mother of pearl, Black onyx, Chocolate Stone, Green Marble, Tiger Stone, Yellow Aventurine, Green,Dark Green Bidasar, Brown and Yellow Bidasar, Cobra Stone, Ruby, Jaisalmer Red (Heated), Jaisalmer Yellow, Creama Marble, Torques (Firoza), are some more examples of gem stones used.

Getting stoned


Pieces of coloured precious and semi -precious stones, which have been shaped and polished, are delicately laid into the marble with the help of special glues meant for this purpose. At times, heat treatment is given to particular stone to get a shading effect, like Jaisalmer (Yellow) stone is heated to get a red colour.



Once the inlay work is complete and has dried, it’s time for the surface and edges to be polished for the shine.The polish work is done using a stone bar or using sandpaper with hands, which gives it a lustre that lasts for years to come. Now, it is ready to adorn life and elevate the soul ! 

Explore these gorgeous marble handicrafts on Indian Bazaar. We have exclusive and selected varieties of marble Plates, Boxes, Trays, Coaster-sets, Chess Boards, Vases, Wine cups, Card/Pen holders, Photo Frames, Lamp shades , Tiles, Center/ garden Tables, Statues, Animal figures, calligraphy and corporate gifts.


All our marble decor products are handmade with love, in India and delivered with speed and utmost care !